Pool Construction


Many homeowners worry about how the construction process will affect their homes and their lives. To ease your mind, we've assembled a step-by-step outline to help you know what to expect. View both the video and the steps below, and for any questions about the process please send us an e-mail or give us a call.






The process begins with excavation. We dig out the area necessary for the size of your pool and begin shaping the ground according to the specifications for your pool design.


Setting The Walls

The steel walls are set in the hole and bolted together. A concrete footer is poured around the walls to make them permanent supports for your swimming pool.


A mixture of vermiculite and concrete are used as the floor of your pool. This mix is troweled out to form a smooth bottom for the liner to rest on.

Dropping The Liner

The liner is installed into the coping around the top of the walls. A vacuum is used while the pool is filling to suck the air out from behind the liner, ensuring a smooth installation of the vinyl.


After the liner is installed the decking material is poured. Your new inground swimming pool is almost complete!


The Finished Product

The final touches to your pool are added such as fencing and covers. Your new backyard oasis is ready for years of enjoyment.